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Fact of the matter, we live in a world of judges!

Whether right or wrong you will be judged wherever you go and there is no way of avoiding this. I know it’s uncomfortable but everyone will have their own preconceived notions, ideas and personal preferences that will lead them to dislike or pass judgement upon you and your personal beliefs. This is to be expected. 

You must remember that in no way are you in control of this. Don’t allow this very thing to drive peace and serenity away from your mind, spirit or soul; nor shall you judge them in return.

In being judged by others you must always remember that you are only responsible for who you are and not who they perceive you to be.

You must always be aligned with your identity and your core values because that is the truth of your own being. That is the essence of your core and unlike judgement, that truth is not a conditional state. That truth will outlast and overcome any and all possible judgement.

You must remain grounded and as close as possible to the highest vibration in reach. These vibrations can be love, compassion, empathy, knowledge or simply understanding – among many others of course. Your spiritual and personal development, skills and experience will determine what you reach for, however, avoid reaching for retaliation.

Depending on how spiritually evolved you are the above will be a difficult task to accomplish. Try your best not to be shifted to lower vibrations that seek to divide and decrease your awareness from the Source of all of creation. Use tools like mindfulness, meditation and prayer to bring you back to your center, to your focus and reason for being.

The biggest issue with judgement is not so much that it may be unfairly passed on to you, that is always to be expected. The biggest issue is that it will take much longer to shift back into a good place if you let it affect you. If you allow yourself to emotionally react with anger to the fact of being judged by those who do not know who you are, it is you who put yourself through judgement -not them.

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In that moment your reaction shifted your being into something that is not your true resonance which will eventually open a flood gate of guilt and dis-ease.

When thinking of judgement remember that entirely fair judgement is a vibration that requires perfect, omniscient or an all present view.

Omniscience is an attribute for God and not for mankind and therefore when in the hot seat of judgement understand that just because your judges believe you to be so, it doesn’t make it true.

The best way to avoid the feeling of being judged is to not resist the fact that judgement from others will happen. Although unfortunate, it’s the acknowledging of it being out there that will help.

It is understanding that regardless of its presence in the world you will not pass through it nor will you be affected by its existence in this plain.

To help you combat all of the above I want you to contemplate and meditate on the following statement. Repeat and affirm it:  

“I am so certain of my truth that matters of opinion shall not move me away from The Source of the highest possible good and truth”

I believe judgement is a hurdle that to a degree all lightworkers and seekers of light will experience. It is unavoidable and part of the contrast experience of humanity. It is a necessary part of our journey that begins at the beginning.

It begins with our loved ones, our closest relatives and it does not feel good.  However, the awareness of the “not so good” feeling can spark miracles of change and evolution for all involved both the judges and the judged.

Sometimes the judges need to pass judgement to understand that it is unnatural to the expansion we all seek.

How have you dealt with judgement and what is your perspective on the above?, leave your comments below. 

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