image of a spirit guide

Spirit guides are divine miracle entities that accompany us from birth. They are tasked by a Divine Power with providing guidance and subtle suggestions for our overall growth and wellbeing through our human experience.

In calling on to our spirit guides we must remember that purpose is key. These spiritual beings walk with us not simply to fulfill our commands, wants or needs; but to help us become the best versions of ourselves.

In the following video on spirit guides I provide a simple how to, or rather suggestion for calling onto your spirit guides. If you follow through with it, in the exact way I suggest, there is a strong probability you will make contact.

As a light worker you must Never forget that this an act of sacred nature. Treat the time taken for calling your spirit guides in the most sacred of ways. Spirit guides are always present, and always willing to speak – if you approach as you should.

Enjoy the how to contact your spirit guide video below.

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