Third Eye Charka Image - Faces and cleanse.

Today we’re going to talk about the third eye chakra, what happens when it’s out of balance, under active and how we can make it better

People across the world are awakening spiritually, and at very fast rates. This has led to a massive rise in the use of healing and energy balancing modalities or practices. Because of this world wide awakening, chances are somewhere along the line you’ve heard the word Chakra. 

Maybe you looked into it because you heard the term as background chatter in your local bar. Maybe you know it because you read about it by accident on your favorite blog or news journal or most likely you heard it from a mystical friend or relative into herbs, sage and crystals.

Although you may know somethings about chakras you may not be fully in tune with what charkas really do or what they are, especially how we can work with them effectively to for overall wellness. Simply put, chakras are energy centers. Energy points spread out through your body and they are tasked with the role of flowing Prana, or energy throughout your body.  If it’s the first time you’ve heard the word Prana (which is likely); it’s the energy or rather the life force flowing through you right now. It’s God’s breath, it’s the life giving force that sustains you and all that you can see, and not see. 

The chakras are located throughout the body, but the seven most known are lined up from the base of your spinal chord to the crown of your head. In spirituality and energy belief systems, we understand that chakras can have an overall influence on your health and general well being. When out of balance it can have profound and adverse effects. 

They are all intertwined with one another, they all haver their own colors and “personality”. They are all interconnected, a circuit of sorts. Think of christmas tree lights, when one bulb goes out, it sort of messes with the rest of the circuit. This is the same thing that happens when one chakra is out of balance, however, when you seek to balance one, it will have a positive influence over the others. 

When the third eye chakra is out of whack everything we perceive is wrongfully perceived. If we are to seek wisdom, knowledge or even to sharpen our intuitive senses, and the third eye chakra is foggy, then we can expect to be very off center in our pursuit. 

The Third Eye Chakra:

The third eye chakra is found on the head, between our eyebrows. It’s chakra number six from the seven that run from the base to the crown. It’s name in Sanskrit its Ajna and translates to “perceiving” or “beyond wisdom”. This chakra is the one behind the way you see the world, your overall perception of reality and existence lies solely here. 

It’s responsible for the bridging of our minds to the spiritual realm. To the plains where you can commune with God, with your Spirit Guides and anything imaginable and magical in nature. From a practical and day to day living perspective, it offers us the ability of having clear thoughts and self-reflection. Which we know how important this can be for overall growth and personal/spiritual development. 

This chakra helps us to be mindful, to be in the now and in the present. Its the place in spirit where wisdom and knowledge flows. It’s where your “spider senses” or that tingly sensation we call intuition kicks in.  It helps us to not only see the world, but also to understand it. 

When The Third Eye Chakra Is imbalanced:

One very popular trigger of imbalance is something we all know very well, or at least have known it at some point or another. It’s Stress. This alone can cause a blockage to PRANA or GODS BREATH. When one chakra is blocked the overall flow is interrupted. This interruption causes you, your mind and spirit to suffer. Consider it in a mebtaphorycal sense a living purgatory. 

When Ajna or the third eye is blocked, it can cause physical stress, it can make you feel unengaged from the world, not excited, not able to enjoy the gift of life and the experiences life brings. It can make you feel as if you have no purpose in life. 

It can mess with your ability to concentrate and even lead you to aggressive behavior. Why? because the stress produced by lack of perception is huge!

Think of this way; whenever you are facing darkness, whenever you don’t know what awaits at the end of a dark alley, you go into fight or flight mode. Your body goes under stress and it’s caused by the fear of the unknown. If Ajna is blocked, it technically means your blind. 

How to balance third eye Chakra. 

The great thing is that when facing a blockage, chakra rebalance is entirely possible. There are tools, techniques and meditations that are all geared to this purpose. Balancing your chakra, means purifying it. Restoring it back to its normal state. To it’s balanced flow, to harmony. To the way it needs to be. It’s opening the flood gates to life force and miracles. 

Below you will find a couple recommendations to help you balance Ajna.

Face the light

The third eye chakra is stimulated by light, so it’s time to get outside. To enjoy the sunshine and sit in its rays for a few minutes a day. It’s important that you set the intention. In addition don’t limit yourself to sunshine alone. Even moon light has a good effect on this chakra. 

Chakra Mediation:

Meditation overall is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and self development. It helps us to be grounded, to be in the now, to live in the present moment. When balancing your third eye chakra through meditation you have to make sure your focus is on it’s location, between your eyebrows.

Relax, and clear your mind. Inhale and exhale light. –Slowly. No need to rush here. Relax your muscles and remember to not lose focus. It doesn’t mean it won’t happen (losing focus), but when it does -come back to its location. 

The color of the third eye chakra is indigo so visualize indigo light at it’s core. Let the light grow and expand with every breath. Allow the light to spread out, to heal, to restore. Do this meditation for five minutes a day. I would do it consistently, maybe once a day for a whole week. Maybe even for a period of three weeks. 

When you’re done with the meditation, slowly open your eyes, breathe out, and return to your normal day.

Affirmations for Third Eye Balance

Affirmations are words of power. These words allow us to heal, to transform negative thoughts, patterns and energies into positive ones. We have to believe it but it can be so. Consider affirmations a method of re-programming your mind, your experiences, your perception and your thoughts. 

For the purpose of balancing your third eye chakra, you can use the following affirmations.

1. I am connected to the divine source. 

2. I trust my inner guidance

3. I am open to receiving wisdom from God, Spirits Guides and the Universe.

4. I am knowledgable, and wise. 

Aromatherapy For Third Eye Cleansing

Aromatherapy is the use  fragrances or essential oils to achieve a level of balance and well being. It’s a holistic healing method that uses natural plant extracts for healing the mind, body and spirit. 

For the third eye I recommend sandalwood essential oil, frankincense essential oil. You can also use Rosemary essential oil to improve your memory, your vision, and re-stabilize the focus.

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