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One of the many spiritual and universal truths is “live in the moment” yet so many people have a difficult time with this idea. So many choose to ignore the present  to give their entire attention and focus to the things that have happened beforehand.

Constantly thinking about yesterday’s good and yesterday’s bad will eventually halt the development of so many new and beautiful experiences existing in the present moment.

I’ll admit that reflecting on the past can sometimes be a necessary evil. It helps us evolve and helps us understand many facets of who we are today. It helps to understand why we are the way we are and once again –that’s okay but the problem lies in getting stuck there.

If you must reflect on yesterday so that you may build the present moment upon that foundation, then that’s fine! However, avoid  the quicksand power behind such contemplation and return to a mindful state.

In constantly focusing on what happened before this moment we divide our power to create the life we want to live in the now.  If we constantly think of the past we ruin the present and consequently the futureis this what you want?

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It’s time to become aware and conscious of the fact that when you opened your eyes this morning you were given a new canvas upon which you can paint exactly what you want to paint . Use your imaginative power to paint the life you want to live today, metaphorically speaking of course. I need you to believe this. It is what you need  in order to experience what you are in search of deep within the depths of your soul and human experience.

Please remember that life happens to all of us and it is important that our mindset be prepared for this truth. We are not in absolute control of the way things happen but we are in control of where our focus and imaginative powers will go. In order to bear the blessings, we must be present.

You cannot enjoy the fruit of yesterday’s tree and you cannot eat the fruit of the seed you have not yet planted. Be here now and be careful with being pulled too far into the future as well, as this is also a dangerous thing. If you keep this in mind you will have tremendous power over your life.

The light and blessings that you seek exist within the Spirit of our Creator. This Celestial, Divine and Absolute Force resides outside of time and outside of space. I believe the best way to tap into the streams of this Miraculous Power is to listen to what we intuitively know; To exist here, right now. To sink into the present moment and to be grateful for today.

There is tremendous light in you! Enjoy this day and if you struggle with the above, look into mindful meditation, it may help. 

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