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Praying for others in their presence, raises their vibration. By the essence of your faith, your works, and your prayer they feel a re-connection to the divine source…and are renewed by your service.

I believe that sometimes or in most cases the most simplified of spiritual services yields the best outcome.

I humbly suggest you always remember the following: As a healer you are not responsible for what happens next. You are only responsible for what’s happening in the moment of service and for the actions you take.

As a spiritual advisor of many years, I know that at times we may carry the burden of the outcome. We do this by thinking that we are in control of what may happen by or through our faith alone; but this is not an absolute truth and actually hurts our own connection to the divine.

My experience on the field of spiritual service has taught me that our role as a healers, spiritualists, ministers, advisors, life coaches or whatever title you choose to identify your service with, ends and begins with our creator and the source of miracles.

It’s not your responsibility to make something happen, only to return the faith to the person who may be temporarily lacking in it and empower them to manifest the miracles that they need or desire.

You are responsible for the work, for the service, for turning whom you’re helping to the face of The Light…..and although that (the service) in itself is a miracle for the person…. the ultimate blessings or the manifestation of the desire can only come from the source, from God, from our Creator.

Never take ownership of the outcome… and your own vibration will continue to raise.

Hope you resonated with the above, and please by all means, feel free to contribute your own thoughts in the comments below….

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