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Lightworker, your trials, are your learning grounds – it doesn’t mean something is wrong.

I was contemplating and meditating on the above, why do lightworkers often face trials, challenges in life, losses, grief, financial struggles among other hurdles – sometimes more often than the people we come to serve? I discovered that it’s part of our classroom.
In relation to empathy and compassion, Is it more virtuous , beneficial or enlightening to imagine being in the shoes of another or to actually walk in those shoes? In matters of spirit isn’t experience better than theory? Are we not here to experience life and the different vibrations in them? Then we must learn to appreciate the contrast of every moment. The yin and the yang.
Years ago one of my mentors shared a powerful idea with me. He said that we make a mistake when we attempt to assume control. We make a mistake when we think that we fully know or understand what we deserve or do not deserve in life’s journey. What we must go through or not go through is not up to us!
As lightworkers we are blessed with a gift, but as the saying goes with power comes great responsibility and that is one we must all bear. We must learn what the contrast is here to teach.
image of two monks who are ligth workers.It’s necessary that I rephrase and repeat; the moment we decided to embark on the journey of service, we gave it up to the creator. The way the creator deems necessary to teach us the service is beyond our control and the more you resist the lesson, the stronger that lesson gets.
It’s about acceptance! the moment you loosen the grip is the moment the lesson is complete.
The spirit resources we have like meditation, prayer, contemplation and fasting are meant to assist us in the journey of lightwork service.
When you’re facing a bump in the road, don’t feel unworthy of the service, it may simply be a lesson to contribute to your cause but in the event that it may have been brought upon you by your own actions; be ready to confess in personal communion.
When I speak of confession, do not think of the dogmatic, religious or catholic process. The one where you speak to the priest and voila “all the weight is gone”. -No, not that type. I mean take a moment to humbly address your creator. To speak to God and say; Lord, perhaps I’ve wronged you and I humbly ask for your mercy and forgiveness.
Be honest in this moment, what lowered your vibration of light? speak on it, release it, feel yourself returning to the light and by nature of that, return to your service.
Of course, all of the above is not to say that all we’re meant to live are challenges. Not at all. We get to experience the joy and the bliss of servitude. By nature of that, we receive a magnified version of what we put out; assuming your lightwork is selfless of course.
The more light you put out, the more light you get in. In this, there is potential for divine bliss, peace, and resilience. Is that not what every known and unknown servant of the light received? Think of the Buddha, The Christ among so many other prophets and servants of God.
Namaste, Peace and Light to you!
How do you think your struggles have served you? Do you feel it’s helped you help others? or do you feel it’s unnecessary for lightworkers to go through that? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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