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Every morning you are given the opportunity to start over. You’ve moved from a resting state to full awareness of the now and truth is that how you begin your morning dictates how the rest of the day will flow.

I read somewhere that morning’s vibrate with the energy of creation, especially the very early morning. That same energy that banged “reality” into existence. The moment you know of, when the words were uttered by our Creator, by The Universe, by The Source “Let There Be Light”.

As lightworkers the way we begin our day is very important as it creates the reality we are about to experience. Making sure the setting is right, is key to the effectiveness of our light work throughout the day.

Does your day begin with light or with the opposite? that’s a question to contemplate and to honestly reflect upon.

Chaotic energy? fast paced nervousness? agitation? these are things you don’t want in your space, in your reality – however sometimes they are unavoidable.

I suggest creating a space or system where it’s easier to stay away from that because you need to be, all that you are. When pulled out of it, you need to own the ability to return to the light and to the source as quickly as possible.

You want to ensure that you begin your day with a prayer, and prayer does not have to be systematic or dogmatic. Literally it can be a simple conversation between you and The Source of life.

In this moment, as the day is born; give the day to your creator. Let go of the expectations, of the illusion of control and flow will happen.

what is your morning ritual - imageKeep in mind that what happens today is not your responsibility to bear. You are only responsible for doing what you must. Let the outcome be born from Divine justice, Divine mercy or Divine grace and the light within these virtues will reside in you. By nature of that truth, the light will be reflected upon everything you encounter in the now and miracles will happen left and right.

What is your morning ritual?

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