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Let There Be Light.

I was wondering how the first article on this blog would be titled and the words “Let there be light” appeared before me as a miraculously experience. I get it because that is the exact thing that is happening right now – I am creating and therefore as a lightworker, spiritual advisor and certified life coach, let there be light would be the best way to open up and to welcome you to my creation, Soul To Source.

What can you expect here? To be honest God only knows! but to give you an idea of the purpose of; it is to provide light. Light in the metaphorical sense of course. To provide personal insight based on what I’ve learned, continue to learn and have experienced as a spiritual worker of over 15 years.

On a daily basis my life rotates around serving others and by nature of that, I am also served.
Ever heard, you get back what you put in? well that is exactly my motto, at least one of the many.

In Soul To Source, I’ll be providing you with non-dogmatic spiritual guidance as I believe that God, The Creator, The Universe, whatever you choose to identify our source with cannot be contained to one church, to one religion, to one faith.

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If all faiths express the following, God is everywhere; how can be confined to one belief system?

It doesn’t make sense to me.

I believe there is not “ONE” religion where God resides. I do however believe that there is one path, love and service to others. I believe this because when I’ve studied or read on many other religions, this is the universal core across them all; Love and service. 

In this blog, you can expect to read about spirituality, random thoughts pertaining to the same. You can expect to read about my personal experiences, things I learn and my perspective on each of those things and so much more.

With that, I welcome you and above all thank you for giving me the opportunity of being in your space, of sharing the now with you and sharing who I am through these words.

Namaste, Blessed Be, Peace and Light to you all & lastly, mote it be, amen! 

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