Photo fo prayer as spiritual development practice.

Wash your hands before every meal and make sure to brush your teeth before bedtime.  These are probably two of the most popular hygiene related habits passed down from parent to child.

Very early in life we begin to understand the vital role good hygiene plays in our lives and granted not all of us grasp this concept as well as others, however, the lessons are there.

In retrospect there is another aspect of hygiene that is not as commonly passed down in every household but like physical hygiene it’s just as vital. It is purely a spiritual development and personal growth practice. One not exclusive to any specific religion or faith. It’s non dogmatic in nature.

Because of the spiritual development benefits and healing achieved through the following habit many spiritual leaders of different faiths highly recommend it. It’s main purpose is to protect us from ourselves and from the negative energy that surrounds us on a daily basis.  

On a personal note; It’s helped me defeat the intrusive effects of negative energy and I hope it helps you in the same way and if you’re unclear of what habit I speak of – I’m talking about spiritual hygiene.

image of man praying.


In spirituality prayer is a powerful key for good spiritual hygiene. It’s probably one of the most important steps towards development or growth which is why I’ve listed it first.

In this first step and in the moment of prayer express your gratitude to the divine powers that be. Don’t be shy to ask for help in the areas where you feel something is lacking or something is wrong.

Keep in mind that all we put out to the universe will in someway return back to us. Speak as if you were in complete presence of the highest essence (God). Believe in your heart that someone or the universe itself is listening and ready to respond to your prayer.

Woman in reflection state for spiritual growth. SELF-REFLECTION

In all spiritual walks of life we are taught that self reflection is crucial to maintaining good spiritual hygiene. This reflection moment is about contemplating very important questions. Questions geared towards improving our day to day experiences and most importantly, our spiritual life.

In reflecting, it’s important that you are as honest as you can be. Remember there is no hiding from the source that sees all. Be authentic, be real, be raw in this moment. You have nothing to worry about. 

The following are sample questions for self reflection.

  1. Is there anything I could have done different to make the day better?
  2. Did I practice forgiveness?
  3. How did I add value to the world or the universe today
  4. Did I perform any good deeds?
  5. Did I cause pain in anyone’s life today?

These questions have immense value but do not limit yourself to these alone. You’ll soon realize that this practice of prayer and self reflecting will positively change the way you live.  It will have such a great impact on the way you see the world that skipping it will just feel wrong.

Prayer and reflection will contribute to your spiritual development in ways you have not yet imagined. If you are beginning your spiritual growth and development journey or if you’ve just experienced the call, the awakening, the above will be of great help!

The suggestions above will eventually lead to highly coveted spiritual peace and balance. The type most are in search of. Remember to share all you’ve learned today with others and in doing so you are adding great value to the universe, to your world.

What is your experience with prayer and self reflection? do you feel it’s helped in your spiritual development and growth process? Share your thoughts in the comments below :). 

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